About Us

The Click Impact difference is all about how we make a difference. We would love to show you how!

Ability + Benevolence + Integrity = Trust

Sometimes it can feel like there’s a lot of noise in the digital marketing world, pulling you in different directions—distractions, embellishments, half-truths. When everybody wants to sell you something, it’s hard to find the true hearts in the crowd. Where do you turn for help with your digital identity when the internet can be full of landmines to watch out for?

Three Key Ingredients

Click Impact’s guiding equation is made of three key ingredients, Ability + Benevolence + Integrity = Trust— and we’re sticking to it. We believe trust should be the driving force of both business and relationships. We knew from day one of our adventure into digital marketing that we not only wanted to help make a difference in the world, but we wanted to be a firm that dedicated itself to honesty and justice. We wanted to change lives with our human touch in this industry, and that is precisely what we do for all of our clients to this very day.

Our Aim

Proving ourselves experienced, capable, and dependable in many aspects of digital strategy has been a labor of love, our mission remains true and our skills remain sharp. Our search engine optimization services are not only highly rated in Baltimore, but have also garnered much local acclaim from the satisfied organizations we’ve partnered with.