Digital Marketing and SEO can be confusing at first. Let us answer some of your questions.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, at its most basic level, is advertising provided via digital channels like social media platforms, search engines, websites, push notifications, and email.

Could my company or organization really benefit from digital marketing?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Everyone is online in one form or another, and with those little computers in our pockets called smartphones, it’s easy to see how. A great majority of purchases nowadays are made exclusively via the internet. Don’t let your business get left behind in the dust.

Can I integrate digital marketing into my traditional marketing?

There are a lot of innovative and successful tips and tricks of the trade that Click Impact can help you incorporate into your digital strategy, including ones that help blend your digital marketing with traditional grassroots methods you may already be employing. A well placed url or hashtag in your traditional print materials has never worked better, but there’s certainly more tactics to discover.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of boosting the amount and quality of visits to your website through organic search engine results. There is an abundance of moving parts when it comes to optimizing your search engine presence, including social metrics, keyword usage, and the length and readability of your content, to name just a few. 

When it comes to SEO, we want to make your business and content crystal clear and digitally palatable in such a way that search engines understand what they’re seeing, prioritizing your business as a result to the ideal audience.